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    See below our latest webinars and training material

    How to buy a quality, established business by reducing your risk and personal investment
    Webinar streamed on 9th March 2016 by Ninja Acqusitions
    Click here to watch
    Limited Company Contracting: Risk & Reward
    Webinar streamed on 29th February 2016 by Brookson
    Click here to watch
    5 Top Tips to Build a Rewarding Portfolio Career
    Webinar streamed on 28th January 2016 by Vistage
    Click here to watch
    Gorilla Accounting - Your Accounts, Anywhere, Anytime
    Webinar streamed on 11th November 2015 by Gorilla Accounts
    Click here to watch
    Workplace Pensions - 'Are you prepared?'
    Webinar streamed on 6th April 2015 by Cowgill Holloway
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