Why Become a Consultant?

Has a consultancy career always seemed like a nice, but ultimately unrealistic, idea?

Maybe you like the thought of setting your own hours and choosing your own projects, but can’t see yourself leaving the stability of a 9-5 job. The reality is businesses are moving away from traditional hierarchies, so becoming a consultant is a more viable career option now than ever.

Flexibility and variety

Increased earning potential is an obvious draw for many consultants, but flexibility can be even more important. Your background and experience level will inform how you position and market yourself, and you’ll have the opportunity to stretch yourself by applying your skills to new companies and new industries.

One of the reasons businesses are more reliant on consultants is their desire to get a fresh perspective. So whether you’ve done some freelance work in the past or are looking for your first interim role, there are companies to which you can add value.

Career advancement

As a consultant, you’ll often work directly with the top decision makers in an organisation. That creates an opportunity to develop an understanding of how boards and senior management operate, without waiting to climb the ladder in a single company.

You’ll also quickly build a network of high-value contacts and have the chance to make lasting impressions. If you’re thinking about taking on board roles at some point, or even setting up your own business, experience as a consultant is invaluable.

Getting started

For any consultant, reputation is paramount. You can build that reputation through professional contacts and recommendations, but more than ever potential clients will expect to learn about you online. An impressive profile with details of your skills and the services you can offer is a must, and online networking is as important as attending traditional events – if not more so.

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